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Looking for an alternative to Black Friday


Looking for an alternative to Black Friday? Make a donation to Malayaka House and feel good about your gifts!


Giving Thanks


Giving thanks is important, not only on Thanksgiving, but each and every day. We all have so much to be thankful for: the kids, Aunties and Uncles at Malayaka House, the communities we work with, our volunteers and all our supporters near and far.

Without the kids, each of our lives would not be as rich and wonderful! Brightening our days and bringing so much joy to us each and every day. Seeing each grow and develop into such strong, loving, intelligent and fun people makes your heart glow. We could not be more thankful that each child at Malayaka House has come into our family.

The Aunties and Uncles who are a vital part of the Malayaka House Family, and for this we are thankful. By caring and nurturing each of the kids and being so friendly and helpful to all of our volunteers, we can not imagine our lives without them! By opening their hearts, the lives of our kids are enriched and even better than we could have dreamed of.

We are so thankful for the communities we have the opportunity to work with, both in Uganda and abroad. The impact Malayaka House can have is beyond the immediate needs of food, shelter, education and medicine, but to broadening our own and others’ sense of belonging to one another. Whether creating sustainable living systems for a children’s home or doing a presentation for a school thousands of miles away from Uganda, we are one big community and one big Family.

We are beyond grateful for all of our volunteers. Malayaka House is run on volunteer efforts, time, energy and donations. Without the volunteers in the Malayaka House Family, all of our efforts would not be possible. From running markets in Spain to hosting film screenings across the United States to sharing their time and skills with our kids, community and projects in Uganda, volunteers are at the heart of all we do.

On Thanksgiving, and every day, we give thanks and share our gratitude! Interested in showing your gratitude with Malayaka House? Donations can be made online: (English) (España)

Reaching out–Our new Mobile Medical Clinic


Announcing Our New Initiative –The Mobil Medical Clinic

Health care in our area of Uganda is lacking for many, but for orphaned children it is non-existent. Most of the children in surround in gorphanage homes haven ever had a medical examination. In our efforts to improve the health of Ugandan children, we have developed a Mobil Medical Clinic that will visit orphanage homes and schools, examine the children, begin medical records, and work to treat health concerns that are found. We began with three excellent doctors from Spain: Dr. Sara Gayoso (GeneralPractitioner), Dr. Rocio Garcia de Arboleya (GeneralSurgery) and Dr. Eduardo Garcia Soblechero (Pediatrician), who visited 7 different locations and examined 120 children. Their preliminary findings were that most of the children suffered from malnutrition, illnesses related to infantile malnutrition, and dental disease.

The doctors also met with local medical centers which have agreed to support our mobile clinic, and have begun the important collaboration process with the orphanage homes and schools where these children reside.

With communication begun and files started, the doctors have returned to Spain to analyze the data and present us with their findings. We will then continue to work with doctors from both Spain and the US to grow our fledgling Mobil Clinic and take the necessary steps to improve the health of as many Ugandan children as possible.