Education is key


Carol mastering the sewing machine!

Education is is a key aspect of all the programming at Malayaka House. Ranging from traditional schooling to vocational training programs, learning can happen in so many places and with so many outcomes. Many of the teenagers which find their way to Malayaka House have had minimal formal schooling. Eager to learn and with few formal avenues to pursue, Malayaka House has created several training programs for teenagers to participate in to learn vital skills and knowledge.

One program is the sewing training program. This program involves numerous skills beyond the act of sewing. Materials must be purchased allowing for math skills to be gained and applied in the real world setting of the local market or shop. Budgets must be created, managed and planned out, giving teens the business skills necessary should they choose to become entrepreneurs. Market surveys are necessary to see what items are popular, as well as marketing plans to sell their goods to both domestic and international markets, and interpersonal and team building skills are some of the complex skills which our teens develop and master as they move through this program.

Carol, pictured above, is a superstar in the training program. Not only was she the first student to give sewing a try, she has been instrumental in showing other students the ropes. Carol makes beautiful aprons, bedspreads and wall hangings, and is able to create patterns for items just from looking at an example!

One of the best aspects of the sewing training program is that each participant gets to see the fruits of their labor as they produce numerous items which are sold in several countries to raise funds for the program. It’s a win-win all around!


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