Volunteer Experiences-Alvaro


Wonderful experience. I was surprised by the friendliness of the people, the vast majority of caring, a good heart. The workers of the house as all the people that I’ve gone on the road and found in different parts of Uganda, have made ​​me feel safe, quiet and welcome at all times. I’ve also been lucky enough to visit the country and activities as rafting in Jinja, a boat ride Ssese Islands, a safari or meet one of the dreams of my life, to see mountain gorillas in the wild. … And I can tell little children that has not been said already. For me, perhaps most importantly, beyond even the happy moments that I have posed is that, having heard the stories so hard that hide behind every one of them, are back smiling. They now have the opportunity to be happy and make others happy, thank you.

Posted by: Alvaro Moreno Cortez “uncle Alivalo”
Volunteer in Uganda, July-August 2010

About Malayaka House

We are the little place in Uganda that takes in children from hopeless situations and gives them shelter, food, medicine, and most importantly – love. We are the little place in Uganda that works with local communities to provide access to education, medicine, job training and sustainable living. We are the little place in Uganda that has reached out to help other local children’s homes with desperately needed food, water, security, electricity by using eco-friendly methods of farming and energy. We started out with one action of love, which has now grown into an entire movement. Please explore this site to learn about our projects, and "La La Salaama Na Malayaka….Sleep with angels."

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