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Pizza Nacht Malayaka Haus

Pictures really do say 1,000 words. Especially when they are through the eyes of a Malayaka House volunteer. In October, Martin Neuhof spent 2 weeks at the house photographing all the happenings. Here are his photos from Pizza Night, a vocational training program run through Malayaka House to allow hands-on work experience for the teenagers at the House.

This is the magic of our volunteers. Each of us, just like each of the teens in the vocational training programs, have special skills, gifts and resources to share. By encouraging people to  come as they are, and typically leave forever changed by their time at the House, volunteers can share their strengths, whatever they may be. For some it’s teaching, for others it’s sport, for some, like Martin, it is photography and art. For others far away, it’s organising a fundraiser or movie screening. The list of how volunteers positively impact the daily lives and long-term goals of the kids, Aunties & Uncles, and other volunteers is immense and ever growing–just like Malayaka House!

Enjoy the pictures! Be inspired! Make your own difference to Malayaka House today, through a donation or by getting in touch for more information on how you can help from home. Even better, make your future brighter by planning your volunteer trip to Malayaka House, because it really does take a village to raise these amazing kids.