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We are stronger together!

The orphanage community is exhausted and overwhelmed with the growing number of children in dire straits. Malayaka House has observed the addition of 6 new orphanage homes to our community just in the past 3 years, which are all full to capacity. There is still no space for newly rescued children. The question remains…what happens to the children who don’t make it into a home?

This question is our motivation to reach out to every home in our area and offer assistance however we can. Some are better equipped than others, but all are trying to help these threatened children.

In theory, everyone knows that we are stronger together, and this is what we strive to accomplish with our community in Uganda. One shining example of this is the close relationship Malayaka House has built with a new and very special babies’ home. We share resources and knowledge with them, and care for each other’s children like they are our own. The kids are very best friends with one another, sharing birthday parties and sleepovers. With support and continued diligence, we hope to build more relationships such as this with our other sister homes, so that less children are left to the streets.

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