Visit our Craft Shop!


Our craft business focuses on two activities, sewing and jewelry making. We have renovated an existing building on our premises to provide a well lit, clean, comfortable workshop that doubles as a retail space. Every day without fail our crafters deepen their skills, build inventory, and explore new products.


One of our older girls, Carol, took a keen interest in learning to sew and quickly saw demand among our guests and volunteers searching for local gifts to take back to their families. Over the years this business has evolved to its present state of producing handbags, aprons, wallets, curtains, and bed covers. These wares have found markets locally and abroad in Spain, Germany Canada and here in the USA, where they have served as marketing and fundraising tools.


Naiga, another of our older girls is an artist through and through. She spends her days rolling recycled paper into delicate beads, which she then uses to design necklaces, ear rings, wallets, purses, and more.


Our goal for the craft shop business is to find an international fair-trade organisation to take us on as a supplier. If this is successful, it will open doors for Malayaka House to organize and train other orphanage homes that are also looking for income generating activities, skill development for their children, employment opportunities, and financial freedom.


About Malayaka House

We are the little place in Uganda that takes in children from hopeless situations and gives them shelter, food, medicine, and most importantly – love. We are the little place in Uganda that works with local communities to provide access to education, medicine, job training and sustainable living. We are the little place in Uganda that has reached out to help other local children’s homes with desperately needed food, water, security, electricity by using eco-friendly methods of farming and energy. We started out with one action of love, which has now grown into an entire movement. Please explore this site to learn about our projects, and "La La Salaama Na Malayaka….Sleep with angels."

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  1. The craft shop pictures and explanations are wonderful!! I have two places to share this information with next week. I’ll get back to you about this. Tell Robert hello from me…I’m his Mom 🙂
    Jo Ann Hunt

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