Stretch your neck out…




Projects so far away, in exotic lands with cultures and issues different from our own might seem overwhelming and never ending. Malayaka House, to many, is in a far away land, in a culture which seems so unaligned to ours. This is so far from reality. Laughter fills our house. Children read, ride bikes, love ice cream and enjoy pizza nights. They look forward to trips to the swimming pool and get excited when friends, new and old, come over to visit. They are brothers and sisters, usually harmonious, but sometimes rumble. They are just like you. Like your sons and daughter, brothers and sister. Full of love for their family…which maybe is a bit bigger than yours. 38 and counting! So go on. Stick your neck out a bit & support a family far away, but close at heart. To make a donation, click here. Much love, from our family to yours. 


About Malayaka House

We are the little place in Uganda that takes in children from hopeless situations and gives them shelter, food, medicine, and most importantly – love. We are the little place in Uganda that works with local communities to provide access to education, medicine, job training and sustainable living. We are the little place in Uganda that has reached out to help other local children’s homes with desperately needed food, water, security, electricity by using eco-friendly methods of farming and energy. We started out with one action of love, which has now grown into an entire movement. Please explore this site to learn about our projects, and "La La Salaama Na Malayaka….Sleep with angels."

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