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Say Cheese!


The vision of making and supplying mozzarella cheese to restaurants and hotels stems from the relatively high demand for pizza in Entebbe, and the difficulty businesses face trying to acquire high quality cheese. A friend and Italian restaurant owner taught our girls the fine art of making delicious mozzarella cheese, and we have built a special mozzarella cheese house for smooth, clean, and efficient operations. It has a sink, counter, deep freezer, storage shelves, and a large industrial gas cooker…everything required for a well-positioned enterprise.

A cheese business aligns well with our intention of one day serving organic pizzas to the community supplied by fresh milk and organic vegetables from our own farm.

Currently, we have four customers and distribute roughly 12 kilograms of mozzarella per week. Our objective is to cover expenses, provide two jobs, turn a profit, and to eventually establish the first pizza delivery and catering operation in Entebbe.