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Say Cheese!


The vision of making and supplying mozzarella cheese to restaurants and hotels stems from the relatively high demand for pizza in Entebbe, and the difficulty businesses face trying to acquire high quality cheese. A friend and Italian restaurant owner taught our girls the fine art of making delicious mozzarella cheese, and we have built a special mozzarella cheese house for smooth, clean, and efficient operations. It has a sink, counter, deep freezer, storage shelves, and a large industrial gas cooker…everything required for a well-positioned enterprise.

A cheese business aligns well with our intention of one day serving organic pizzas to the community supplied by fresh milk and organic vegetables from our own farm.

Currently, we have four customers and distribute roughly 12 kilograms of mozzarella per week. Our objective is to cover expenses, provide two jobs, turn a profit, and to eventually establish the first pizza delivery and catering operation in Entebbe.


Bakery & Pizza Night


We decided to create an opportunity for our older girls to develop their baking skills while lessening our dependence on increasingly expensive cooking gas by building a fuel-efficient wood-fired brick oven at Malayaka House. Construction was complete in April of 2011, along with a proper kitchen around it to keep the area clean, safe, controlled, and dedicated to our business activities.


Bookkeeping, scheduling, and keeping track of supplies are all skills demonstrated by our teens as they run the bakery and pizza restaurant.

Jacinta, one of our home’s oldest children, is training a team of bakers as we develop a prosperous income-generating activity that feeds the healthy market in Entebbe for good bread, high quality cakes, and pizza.


Supplies all laid out for a busy night ahead!

We have expanded our baking activities to complement our guest house, steady flow of volunteers, and friends in the community. Two evenings per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we host Malayaka House Pizza Night. The menu consists of a build-your-own pizza, a loaf of bread to take home, dessert, and fresh juice. A team of hosts and waitresses works alongside the bakers to welcome guests, take orders, and provide first-class service to our customers.


Setting the scene with tablecloths made in our Craft Workshop, where teens learn the ins and outs of sewing.

Our pizza nights began in February 2012 and have become a popular social event in Entebbe. The United Nations employees and Swift Air flight attendants and pilots have provided a solid base of support and consider Malayaka House pizza “the best pizza in town”. Our next step is developing a delivery program targeting these satisfied customers and expanding our market.


Home grown veggies are often used in making our pizza and sauce!


Pizza Nacht Malayaka Haus

Pictures really do say 1,000 words. Especially when they are through the eyes of a Malayaka House volunteer. In October, Martin Neuhof spent 2 weeks at the house photographing all the happenings. Here are his photos from Pizza Night, a vocational training program run through Malayaka House to allow hands-on work experience for the teenagers at the House.

This is the magic of our volunteers. Each of us, just like each of the teens in the vocational training programs, have special skills, gifts and resources to share. By encouraging people to  come as they are, and typically leave forever changed by their time at the House, volunteers can share their strengths, whatever they may be. For some it’s teaching, for others it’s sport, for some, like Martin, it is photography and art. For others far away, it’s organising a fundraiser or movie screening. The list of how volunteers positively impact the daily lives and long-term goals of the kids, Aunties & Uncles, and other volunteers is immense and ever growing–just like Malayaka House!

Enjoy the pictures! Be inspired! Make your own difference to Malayaka House today, through a donation or by getting in touch for more information on how you can help from home. Even better, make your future brighter by planning your volunteer trip to Malayaka House, because it really does take a village to raise these amazing kids.